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Succulent Boutonniere and Corsage Set

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1 x Succulent Boutonniere - $18

  • Mint succulent dahlia with purple tips
  • Ivory rose

 1 x Succulent Corsage - $22

  • Match boutonniere
  • Use greenery that coordinates with Heather's flowers and with succulents  

About Wood Flowers

Wood flowers last forever and make a unique centerpiece in your home, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come! Each flower is handmade from Cassava, which is a woody shrub. They're actually soft to the touch and a little flexible, similar to live flowers. In their natural colors they are ivory and brown (from the bark.) Flowers are easily dyed any color. If your flowers need to be cleaned, a quick blow of a hair dryer on low/no heat will easily take care of them.



Please note the processing times provided and order with plenty of time for your piece to arrive. Flowers are packed with great care, and as they are made with organic materials, please remove from packing upon receiving it. Flowers may need some time to fluff up after unpacking as well.

Questions? Curious about customizing this piece? Email me, and I'd be happy to help!


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Succulent Boutonniere and Corsage Set

Succulent Boutonniere and Corsage Set