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Bark & Ivory Heart Wall Hanging

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This beautiful wall hanging will compliment any room in your house! This piece is made of wood flowers arranged in the shape of a heart and hangs on twine. Each flower is unique in shape and size. Each heart is made to order. Placement and sizes of flowers will vary, but the types of flowers and style will be similar, making your piece unique. (See photos above for examples.)

Sizes (HxW):

8” Heart - 8”x7.25”
10” Heart - 10”x9.25”
12” Heart - 12”x10.75”
18” Heart - 18”x16.25” 

Choose from all ivory flowers or a mix of ivory and brown flowers. Ivory is the natural color of the wood used. Brown flowers incorporate bark as well.

If you are interested in a heart with dyed flowers to match your home, wedding colors, or favorite colors, please contact me for a custom order!

Wood flowers make the perfect gifts for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and more. (They're great for first anniversary presents since they're made of wood!) 


About Wood Flowers

Wood flowers last forever and make a unique centerpiece in your home, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come! Each flower is handmade from Cassava, which is a woody shrub. They're actually soft to the touch and a little flexible, similar to live flowers. In their natural colors they are ivory and brown (from the bark.) Flowers are easily dyed any color. If your flowers need to be cleaned, a quick blow of a hair dryer on low/no heat will easily take care of them.

Currently only the 10" hearts are available.

Photos: two different 12" hearts with ivory and brown flowers, 12" with all ivory, 8" with all ivory


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Bark & Ivory Heart Wall Hanging

Bark & Ivory Heart Wall Hanging